Digital Americana is an interactive journal of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, & criticism with an Americana focus. 

We offer a variety of avenues to submit your work, which now include a digital book award (for inventive auteurs) and a category for entering Spoken Word Performances for publication. 

We hope our approach is modern enough to engage an emerging generation of writers, while also providing an outlet for those interested to be part of a critical literary experience, and that the quality of our content, form, and function lives up to the name Digital Americana . . .


Our reading period is currently open.

​Submissions must be original, unpublished fiction, flash fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction.

All submissions should be submitted via this form and should not exceed 8,000 words in length.

We accept single poems, though we suggest you submit between 3 to 6 poems as a group.

Prose manuscripts should be double-spaced with the author's name, contact info, the classification of the piece (flash fiction, nonfiction, etc.) and the word count clearly listed at the top of the first page. When submitting please also include a brief bio with your notes.

We look for thoughtfully crafted and immersive literary experiences—with special attention being paid to work that conveys a modern American theme, perspective, or experience. Above all we are impressed with fresh ideas and captivating storytelling. Because our focus is on quality of work, the number of pieces published in each issue will vary.

When we accept a submission for publication, we will only request first-publication rights. (Once we’ve published it, the rights revert back to you and you can publish it elsewhere or in your own collection.)

Works entered into our contests are automatically considered for publication.

We accept simultaneous submissions and ask that you please notify us immediately to withdraw the piece from consideration if it has been accepted elsewhere.

For any submission related questions please contact editors@thedigitalamericana(dot)com.

Any notifications pertaining to our ongoing/seasonal reading period will be kept to minimum.

Digital Americana is now accepting spoken word performances recorded as either sound files or captured on video as submissions for our literary magazine.


Performances must be based off of original material that was written by you, and not already widely disseminated or published online. We seek inspiring, colorful, and powerful submissions that can cut deep into the heart or which that can transport the mind's eye on impossible journeys. Please submit only your best work.


In your submission cover letter please include your bio, a link to playback the performance as either a private youtube/vimeo video or as a private soundcloud audio file.


Please make sure in the settings of the video or audio submission that the privacy level is not set to "public" and that you have allowed access to our email address: "" when prompted by soundcloud or youtube to privately share the file. If using vimeo, you can create a private password to restrict access to the video online (please then include the password with the video URL with your cover letter).

Performances should be between 3 to 7 minutes long. Multiple submissions are allowed, but please submit them as separate entries. Of those selected for publication, there is a possibility that we will ask that the performance be re-recorded for quality and consistency.


At the beginning of the recording please state your name, the title of the piece, and any necessary background information about the piece.


We suggest you test out your recording equipment to ensure your performance will be captured with an optimal sound quality.


There will be no preferential treatment given to pieces submitted as a video instead of audio, and vice versa.


Selected spoken word performances will be published in an upcoming issue of our interactive iPad and iPhone literary magazine app.


This is our first call for Spoken Word and we imagine that there may be some fine-tuning needed as we perfect this submission process, but we thank you for allowing us to feature your work and for supporting our efforts as we continue to evolve what is just another independent literary magazine.

Digital Americana Magazine